Spaces Open in Upcoming Classes-Evening Tao & Tea, and Immunity Aromatherapy Workshop

There are still some spaces left in these classes that are right around the corner!

Aromatherapy Workshop, Sunday October 1st, 10:00am-11:00am
As the days and nights start to get cooler and we move into Autumn, our bodies prepare for the seasonal changes that come. In this class we will be making a warming immunity blend with the scents of Autumn spice to support the good health of the body through the cooler months. We will be creating two aromatherapy items to take home and enjoy. Registration is required. $35 per person.

Evening Tao & Tea, Monday October 2nd  from 7:00pm-8:00pm $15 per person

Join us for a relaxing hour of Taoist Yoga followed by a tea circle.
The healing art of Taoist Yoga is based on WuXing, the Chinese five alchemical elements of Earth, Metal, Water, Wood & Fire as they are transmuted into Qi (vital life force energy) within the body by moving and static postures to create well being and balance within the body, mind & spirit.
This evening we will focus on gentle and healing restorative movements to prepare the body for a peaceful nights rest, we will end with a reflective meditation and a relaxing cup of tea.
Registration is required and space is limited. Non-refundable if cancelled without 24 hours notice. If cancelled before 24 hours of class your payment can be applied to a future class or service here at the studio within 1 year.
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Chakra and Gemstone Chimes-New Addition to the Studio’s Healing Boutique-Create a Positive Flow of Energy in Your Space

These enchanting new chakra and gemstone chimes are now available in the studio’s Healing Boutique!

Wind Chimes have been used as a sound healing tool for hundreds of years. It is believed that wind chimes can change negative energy into positive energy based on the type of wind chime and where it is placed.

Wind chimes can reduce stress, promote healing and cause people to become more creative. Metal wind chimes placed in front of a large window will welcome prosperity and inner harmony.

In addition, the Chinese believe wooden wind chimes placed outside a home (and under the stars) can turn negative energy into positive energy, healing both the home and the occupants from a case of “bad luck.”

There are many different traditions around the world when it comes to using and the placement of wind chimes.