Taoist Yoga Self Care


Anyone is welcome to join, 2 CEU’s awarded to Licensed Massage Therapists.  This is a 2 hour class where you will learn how to maintain your mind~body~spirit and be a strong vessel with Taoist Yoga.  Taoist Yoga is based on WuXing, the five Chinese alchemical elements of Earth, Metal, Water, Wood & Fire as they are transmuted into Qi (vital life force energy) within the body by moving and static postures to create well being and balance within the body, mind & spirit. I will instruct you through an easy to remember series of moving and static postures that follow the natural cycle of these elements.  For me personally, Taoist Yoga has been the foundation and strength behind everything that I do. Wear comfortable clothing, bring a yoga mat and a notebook if you wish to take notes. Class size is limited, registration of $20 is required and balance of payment is due the day of class. $60. Private group classes can be scheduled, discounts are available.

Please see the Classes and Continuing Education Page for important information about continuing education classes for LMT’s.