Spaces Open in Upcoming Classes-Evening Tao & Tea, and Immunity Aromatherapy Workshop

There are still some spaces left in these classes that are right around the corner!

Aromatherapy Workshop, Sunday October 1st, 10:00am-11:00am
As the days and nights start to get cooler and we move into Autumn, our bodies prepare for the seasonal changes that come. In this class we will be making a warming immunity blend with the scents of Autumn spice to support the good health of the body through the cooler months. We will be creating two aromatherapy items to take home and enjoy. Registration is required. $35 per person.

Evening Tao & Tea, Monday October 2nd  from 7:00pm-8:00pm $15 per person

Join us for a relaxing hour of Taoist Yoga followed by a tea circle.
The healing art of Taoist Yoga is based on WuXing, the Chinese five alchemical elements of Earth, Metal, Water, Wood & Fire as they are transmuted into Qi (vital life force energy) within the body by moving and static postures to create well being and balance within the body, mind & spirit.
This evening we will focus on gentle and healing restorative movements to prepare the body for a peaceful nights rest, we will end with a reflective meditation and a relaxing cup of tea.
Registration is required and space is limited. Non-refundable if cancelled without 24 hours notice. If cancelled before 24 hours of class your payment can be applied to a future class or service here at the studio within 1 year.
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Peppermint Candy Cane Foot Scrub and Massage

Pamper your feet this holiday season with this special foot scrub and massage. The exfoliating scrub is made of organic cane sugar and pure essential oils, warm towels will remove the scrub and prepare the feet for a soothing foot massage using my special organic winter cream. This cost of this service is only $30 and is available during December 2016 and January 2017 only so make sure book your service soon!



Vanilla Chai Warm Stone Massage

It’s that time of year again!  The Vanilla Chai Warm Stone Massage is back! The pure essential oils in my vanilla chai blend are warming, immune boosting, and smell delicious. They are combined with a warm stone massage to take the chill out of your bones and soothe sore muscles.  30 or 60 minute sessions are available.  Call to schedule your appointment or select online scheduling from top of page.

Vibrational Waters


Some of my pretty roll on vibrational waters here at the studio. Pure essential oils with crystal essences and healing Reiki energy. Shown are uplifting citrus blend with citrine, warming cinnamon blend with carnelian, peaceful patchouli blend with green aventurine, calming lavender and amethyst, and rose with Rose Quartz.

St. John’s Wort Infused Oil

St. John's Wort Infused Oil
St. John’s Wort Infused Oil

This weekend I made some infused oil from my beautiful St. John’s wort plant.  St. John’s wort is traditionally known and used for its ability to promote a feeling of well being but it also has many therapeutic actions that make it great for topical use that include antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-neuralgic, astringent, and antiseptic which can make it a wonderful healing body oil and massage oil for sore muscles.

Making an infused oil is easy and rewarding as you use what nature provides us to heal.  In this blend there are simple ingredients of sweet almond oil, St. John’s wort, and some lavender essential oil which is optional.  Other essential oils can also be added to enhance the aroma or therapeutic intention of your blend. Take care in the sun if you are using a body oil with St. John’s wort because it could increase your chances of getting sunburn.

Some fun herbal and aromatherapy workshops will be scheduled soon here at the studio where we will be making many of these different preparations. Make sure to ask for some of my St. John’s wort massage oil for your next scheduled massage!

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Featured Service ~Integrative Sinus and Headache Massage

Integrative Sinus and Headache Massage is a service that can facilitate relief by combining massage with tools of the earth that include warm and cool stones, crystals, and customized essential oils. This can be booked as a stand alone or add on service.

The price of this service is $30 for 30 minutes.  A 15 minute add on to any service is available for $10.

Online scheduling is available

For more services available at the studio visit here


January Aromatherapy Workshop~Banish the Winter Blahs

January’s Aromatherapy workshop will be held on Saturday January 30th from 1:30pm-2:30pm.  The cost of the workshop is $25 and all supplies are included in the class price. Registration is required by January 23rd.  If you register with a friend the cost of the class is only $20 each!  Anyone is welcome to join and if you are a Licensed Massage Therapist, 1 CEU is awarded.

Each aromatherapy workshop we focus on different essential oils that can be used and blended to promote health and harmony.  This month we will be creating a blend to banish the winter blahs that can be used to diffuse in the home or office, add to a bath, or used as a body oil.  Essential oil use may not be recommended for certain health conditions or skin sensitivities, contact me if you have any questions about this workshop.

There is a minimum amount of guests required to hold this workshop, if this is not met the date will be rescheduled. Registration can be completed here Registration or by contacting me.

Essential Oil Safety-Explaining Sensitivity, Photosensitivity, and Sensitizaton

It is often thought that because essential oils are natural that there is no need to take precautions with them. Certain reactions can happen when working with essential oils; every person is different and there is always a potential for an adverse reaction.  Some may end up of with an allergic reactions right away or months down the road they may be trying to figure out what is causing them a strange skin reaction, never making a connection to an essential oil.  In this post I will be discussing three reactions that have the potential to happen when working with essential oils.

The first is sensitivity.  Sensitivity or sensitive skin can be a person’s level of discomfort when coming into contact with a specific substance that irritates it.  In the case of sensitive skin or sensitivity it will usually go away once the irritant is removed. An example of an essential oil that could cause skin sensitivity is oregano.

Sensitization is a type of allergic reaction that happens when you are first exposed to a substance.  Even though there is a reaction it may be hardly noticeable or not at all noticeable.  What happens next is any exposure to that same substance at a later time can produce a severe inflammatory reaction that is brought on by the immune system.  Once this happens it is highly likely that the person will always be sensitive to the substance.  This can be avoided if you are careful not to use the same essential oils every day for long time periods or avoiding certain oils that have the tendency to cause sensitization such as cinnamon bark. 

Photosensitivity is a reaction that happens to the skin when an essential oil is applied that has substances in it that can react with sunlight.  If an essential oil is photosensitive and used on the skin, a person going into the sun, tanning booth, or any type of UV ray can have a skin reaction from a mild color change to a deep burn.  24 hours is recommended before going into the sun after using a photosensitive essential oil.  Bergamot is an example of a photosensitive oil and is often used in massage oil blends due to its muscle relaxing properties.  Certain medications can also cause photosensitivity that would enhance these effects even more.

 Awareness and knowledge of these potential reactions is very important for anyone working with essential oils so that we can continue to use and promote natures good medicine.  If you are interested in learning more about essential oils and essential oil safety feel free to contact the studio to set up a private learning session or join us for one of our Aromatherapy Workshops. 

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