Coping with Stress the Natural Way

The feeling of being stressed out and constantly overwhelmed is all to common in these times, almost so common that it is accepted as part of everyday life. An annual stress survey by the American Psychological Association states that the overall stress level of Americans is rising with many people in the survey saying they experience both physical and emotional symptoms of stress.

Chronic stress leads to long term health consequences but first the body tries to send out warning signals that are often ignored or pushed off as minor nuisances and treated with medications to make them go away. These little signals like headaches, muscle tension, poor sleep habits, fatigue, anxiety, and more can lead to severe health problems down the road.

It is imperative that you make time to slow down and add a self care routine to your schedule. Complementary and alternative therapies have shown to be extremely effective for coping naturally with stress and stress related conditions. Need a little help in that area? Here at the studio I have an assortment of natural healing services, classes, and herbal or aromatherapy preparations that can help to bring you back to balance the natural way.