Calendula Tincture

Calendula is the flower of October and has many healing properties as well as magical uses. I love when I am able to use my own herbs for making my herbal remedies. For me the making of a tincture or any herbal concoction doesn’t just happen when I harvest my herbs; it’s the whole process from growing them till the final result that is most rewarding.  This year I grew my calendula (Calendula officinalis) from organic medicinal seeds from Horizon Herbs. They were sown right before the full moon in the spring and sprouted very quickly. I always Reiki my seeds when I sow them.


Every seed I planted grew and I was blessed with thriving plants. At one point there were so many flowers I couldn’t keep up with the harvesting. I have crystals strewn throughout the garden for the plants and Reiki the garden frequently.


All throughout the summer I would be constantly harvesting and drying them. My fingers were always full of thick sticky resin from the flowers and I knew they were full of good medicine.


During the new moon in October I prepared my tinctures from some fresh calendula flowers.

IMG_0711 IMG_0710

Everyday I tend to the bottles and shake them and give them Reiki. I will do this until it is time to bottle them up.  I look forward to the final result!

In addition to the tinctures I also make a healing salve and teas with the flowers.

Healing Arts Color Therapy Workshop

“For we are not yet wise enough to realize that the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is not the treasure, but it is the colors inside the rainbow that is the true treasure to be found”

Join us for a unique workshop of therapeutic coloring!

Color Therapy is using color to promote balance within the body, mind, and spirit.  The act of coloring is very therapeutic and puts us in our creative right-brain and allows us to relax, relieve stress, and even problem solve!

Have you seen those neat adult coloring books that are out? I have found them to be very therapeutic and a great way to calm the mind which guided me to facilitate this class.  Color is very healing and by using certain colors you can actually balance your energy and chakras and promote a healthy mind, body, and spirit.  In this workshop we will be coloring mandalas, nature scenes, knot work, and other designs and patterns in a relaxing environment filled with healing energy and sound healing music.  If desired,I can assess the state of your seven major chakras before the class and recommend certain colors for you to work with.  All supplies will be provided but if you have colored pencils or markers you prefer to work with you are free to bring them.  Light refreshments will be served. No art skills are required, this is for fun and group healing!

The cost of this workshop is $25 and it is 2 hours. Registration is required. This workshop is worth 2 CEU’s for Licensed Massage Therapists and will also cover ways that color therapy can be used and incorporated into your massage therapy practice.  

Healing Arts Studio Events & Classes October & November 2015

For more information about the classes and events listed see

  • Sunday 11/1 10:00-1:00 Crystal Therapy Beginner Class $75 registration required (3 CEU’s) space available
  • Sunday 11/8 10:30-12:30 Color Therapy Workshop $25 each-registration required by 11/4
  • Monday 11/9 9:30am-6:00pm Reiki Level I $150 -Registration required. (8 CEU’s)
  • Friday 11/13 5:30-7:30pm 2nd Friday Open House– the perfect time to pick up items from the healing boutique! Reiki, chair massage & express chakra readings & angel card readings available. Artist Jan Gaul painting live at the studio.
  • Friday 11/27 Black Friday Open House- Times to be announced soon. Gift certificates will be on sale during this event for buy one get one of equal value 1/2 price!
  • Saturday 11/28 Small Business Saturday Open House-Times to be announced soon. Gift certificates will be on sale during this event for buy one get one of equal value for 1/2 price!
  • Sunday 11/29 10:30-12:30 Healing Arts Color Therapy– Join us for a morning of therapeutic coloring. $25 registration required by 11/21. 2 CEU’s for LMT’s- at least 4 required to hold class or date will be rescheduled. Register with a friend for $5.00 off!

Essential Oil Safety-Explaining Sensitivity, Photosensitivity, and Sensitizaton

It is often thought that because essential oils are natural that there is no need to take precautions with them. Certain reactions can happen when working with essential oils; every person is different and there is always a potential for an adverse reaction.  Some may end up of with an allergic reactions right away or months down the road they may be trying to figure out what is causing them a strange skin reaction, never making a connection to an essential oil.  In this post I will be discussing three reactions that have the potential to happen when working with essential oils.

The first is sensitivity.  Sensitivity or sensitive skin can be a person’s level of discomfort when coming into contact with a specific substance that irritates it.  In the case of sensitive skin or sensitivity it will usually go away once the irritant is removed. An example of an essential oil that could cause skin sensitivity is oregano.

Sensitization is a type of allergic reaction that happens when you are first exposed to a substance.  Even though there is a reaction it may be hardly noticeable or not at all noticeable.  What happens next is any exposure to that same substance at a later time can produce a severe inflammatory reaction that is brought on by the immune system.  Once this happens it is highly likely that the person will always be sensitive to the substance.  This can be avoided if you are careful not to use the same essential oils every day for long time periods or avoiding certain oils that have the tendency to cause sensitization such as cinnamon bark. 

Photosensitivity is a reaction that happens to the skin when an essential oil is applied that has substances in it that can react with sunlight.  If an essential oil is photosensitive and used on the skin, a person going into the sun, tanning booth, or any type of UV ray can have a skin reaction from a mild color change to a deep burn.  24 hours is recommended before going into the sun after using a photosensitive essential oil.  Bergamot is an example of a photosensitive oil and is often used in massage oil blends due to its muscle relaxing properties.  Certain medications can also cause photosensitivity that would enhance these effects even more.

 Awareness and knowledge of these potential reactions is very important for anyone working with essential oils so that we can continue to use and promote natures good medicine.  If you are interested in learning more about essential oils and essential oil safety feel free to contact the studio to set up a private learning session or join us for one of our Aromatherapy Workshops. 

Level 2 Professional Aromatherapist