Wellness Consultations & Programs

Wellness Consultations

There are many paths to wellness and the studio offers a unique variety of services to help you along the way.  As a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner I can provide guidance and positive support for your particular needs whether you are looking to improve overall wellness, or just searching for alternative and complementary healing support for a particular issue.

An initial consultation involves a review of your medical history, lifestyle, diet, stress relief mechanisms, and exercise habits as well as wellness goals.  This allows me to create short and long term holistic goals that are both manageable and achievable for you that may include holistic nutrition support, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, exercise plans, and other complementary & alternative therapies.

  • Your wellness goals will be discussed
  • Short and long term holistic wellness plans to fit your needs
  • Recommendations on services and products to fit your needs and goals

Pricing is structured in two ways, by single sessions or by discounted program pricing.  

Single Sessions:

Initial consult is $50.00 and lasts approximately 1 hour. Special discounts included in the initial consult are:

  • $10 off any service over 1 hour or $5 off any 30 minute service scheduled during the consultation (does not apply to program pricing if chosen)
  • 10% off any recommended products bought or ordered during the initial consultation

Follow up consult- $25.00 approximately 30 minutes – once you have had your initial consultation, follow up consults can be scheduled as needed to check progress or modify.

Program pricing:

Achieving good health and well-being takes time, dedication, and commitment on both the part of the client and the practitioner. Committing to a monthly wellness program allows the time needed to implement and receive the benefits of holistic healing. Wellness programs are fully customized and range from $100-$800 per month which would include weekly sessions and consults as well as 10% discounting of any products/supplements purchased throughout the monthly program.   Program options will be explained to you during an initial consultation and if you choose a program during the initial consultation the $50 fee is waived. (If you already paid the $50 consult fee when scheduling appointment and choose a program during your consultation the $50 fee will be deducted from the program pricing) Full program fee based on your selection would be due at the end of the initial consultation.

Contact me to schedule your consultation or for more information.  You can also use my online booking service to check for available hours and book your appointment. When scheduling your appointment please let me know briefly what your focus areas/concerns are so that I may prepare for your session.

Are you interested in learning more about a particular subject in natural healing such as using essential oils or herbalism? Individual learning sessions can be scheduled, contact the studio for more information.

Extended Visits

My appointment timeframes do allow for brief discussions and recommendations but often more time is needed by the client for discussion and the appointment will go beyond the allotted time frame of the service. If my schedule allows, extended time can be billed to the existing service, if not please understand that the session must end on time.  Extended visits can be added on to any service for $20 to further discuss your wellness goals in more detail and make recommendations.  If you will be needing more time please add an extended visit to your service when booking to ensure my schedule can accommodate your needs.