Flower Therapy

All across the world and in every culture throughout history, plants have been seen as having an invisible inner essence.  They have a spirit.  Sit quietly near a flower or tree and you will begin to sense its energy and spirit.  People who have a true empathy and rapport with the natural world regard these plants as caretakers of health and happiness because they bring healing on all levels-spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical. Plants, trees, and flowers are often seen as sacred beings with divine powers.

Each plant and flower has a unique energy, it’s spirit essence. Flower therapy incorporates the use of specific flowers, using their inspirational beauty to restore harmony to the mind~body~spirit. My Flower Therapy service combines the healing energy of flowers with Reiki to provide a unique healing experience. Flowers will be chosen based on your individual needs and intuitive guidance and you will be able to take them home with you.   Flower Therapy workshops are also available. Contact me for scheduling information.