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Archangel Raphael oversees healing for all living beings and when called upon can bring powerful healing to the mind, body, and spirit.  The Archangel Raphael healing oracle cards offer guidance on all matters of health and well being. Let the messages Archangel Raphael provides you through the cards guide you towards a healthier way of being. In addition to the healing messages on the cards that are drawn, I infuse my knowledge and experience in holistic health along with any intuitive guidance that I may receive to help to deepen the meaning of the messages and provide you with support on your journey.

You can choose from a few different messages from one card to a five card reading as listed below, but the Healthy Steps reading is one of my favorite card spreads as it provides great insight into your wellness questions.

These readings can be scheduled as an in person reading here at the studio or by a convenient phone reading which often has more flexible times available.  Click the schedule button at the top of website to schedule yours today.

 One card message $7

 Three card message $14

 Five card message $21

Healthy Steps Reading $24-this is a special card spread that when laid out gives insight into wellness related questions and gives guidance and steps to take towards maintaining wellness. I like to use a combination of Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards and Angel Tarot Cards for this reading.

Many other angel card decks are available to choose from at the above fees.

Ten card Angel Tarot Card Readings are available for $28

Here’s how my angel card readings work. . .

You can call, e-mail, or choose online scheduling to make an appointment in person or by phone. Payment will be taken at time of scheduling and if it is a phone reading I will call you at the scheduled appointment time at the phone number you provide during the scheduling process.  If it is an in person reading just simply come to the studio at the scheduled time.

You can either ask a specific question, or just ask the angels what they want you to know at this time. For the reading, I draw cards and share the messages on the cards along with any intuitive and spiritual guidance that I may receive and be able to offer to deepen the meanings or images. When drawing cards, it is impossible to be “wrong.” Your angels will always answer the question you ask with loving and divine care. I am not the source of this divine information, and these reading are not to be considered “psychic” readings, however, I am able to provide a clear channel for the angels to get their messages through to you. All of my angel card readings are meant to be easy, healing, and informative.

I must state that this is for entertainment purposes only.  You must be 18 years or older to use this service. All guidance is subject to your own interpretation. By purchasing a reading you are agreeing that any information/guidance provided does not constitute or substitute for legal, psychological, financial, medical, or business advice. You claim full responsibility for the choices and/or actions taken based on the content of your reading.

Certified Angel Card Reader
certified angel tarot reader christina rossi integrative healing arts studio
Certified Angel Tarot Reader

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