Reiki Gratitude and Giving Program~Reiki Training for those in Need~Integrative Healing Arts Studio, West Reading

A new program offering the gift of Reiki for those in need…

The gentle healing art of Reiki draws on universal life energy to benefit people and animals of any age and in any state of health.  Reiki offers comfort, nurture and support for the good health and balance of your mind, body and spirit. Reiki is an ancient, Eastern, healing art that promotes healing and helps to balance and energize you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Reiki classes are held here at the studio on a regular basis and beginning this fall 2017 I will be starting a new program to help those that want to learn Reiki and could benefit from it but for whatever circumstance cannot afford to attend a class. It’s called the Reiki Gratitude and Giving Program and each Reiki class I hold I will offer a space to a qualifying student.  The fee for this space in class will be to volunteer his or her new Reiki skills for a set amount of time at a designated location. Currently the volunteer work location will be the Grey Muzzle Manor in Fleetwood, a sanctuary for senior animals and animals with special needs which has also become a place for healing of human souls.

Those interested in this program would need to submit to me a letter of interest and a brief explanation of their circumstances.  A candidate will be chosen from those letters and an interview process will follow. Further details about the program will be given during the interview process.

Submit your letter to Christina at or mail to Integrative Healing Arts Studio, 546 Penn Ave, West Reading, Pa. 19611. Again, this program is for those that are most in need of learning Reiki but could not otherwise afford to, please inquire with honesty. Reliable transportation and flexible schedule is required.

Simple Self Care~Benefits of Dry Brushing~Service Special

Dry skin Brushing is an easy and cost effective way to keep your skin soft and smooth as well as keep you healthy.  By adding this technique to your daily routine it can help to exfoliate dead skin cells, improve circulation, stimulate nerve endings, relax muscle tissue, and stimulate the lymphatic system.   It is important to use a natural dry brush and work in small circles, do not use water as it takes away the benefits of the friction. Go lightly at first as your skin gets used to the brushing and could be sensitive.

You can kick off your home wellness routine here at the studio with a Dry Brush and Massage service which is currently being offered for only $60 (regularly $70)until 9/30/17, and for a limited time includes your own dry brush to keep. This 60 minute service starts with a dry brushing of the body and is followed by an Integrative Massage with a nourishing creme for your skin, as always custom aromatherapy is included if desired. Purchase this offer and schedule at your convenience from my online booking site. 

A far infrared sauna session is a great addition your Dry Brush and Massage Service, click here to read about how dry brushing and sauna can make a great pair. A Far Infrared Sauna session can be added on to your service for $5 off it’s regular price. You can purchase a Far Infrared Sauna add on session here

Stand alone Far Infrared Sauna services are also available

Please be aware that these services may not be appropriate for some health conditions, contact the studio if you have any questions or need help deciding what service may be right for you. You can also contact the studio to schedule your services.

The information found here is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent disease. This article has not been reviewed by the FDA. Always consult with a qualified healthcare provider before making any significant changes to your health and wellness routine.