February A Month of Self Love

February Blessings! We have made it through the darkest part of winter and each day the light grows stronger! We are now at the halfway point between Winter and Spring, light a candle this evening and sow your seeds of intention.

February’s focus is on self love and the heart chakra. Self love and an open heart chakra is a foundation that sends out magical ripples that create powerful, positive shifts in health and happiness that not only benefit you but all of those around you. The heart chakra is your control center for compassion, empathy, connection, forgiveness, and unconditional love. It is the great bridge that connects the physical body to the divine, the lower three body chakras with the upper three spiritual chakras. The heart chakra also plays a huge role in connecting us to others. When your heart chakra is healthy and open, you are unafraid to give and receive love. You forgive yourself and others easily, you practice self-acceptance, harmony and experience deep compassion. When the heart chakra is out of balance, however, you may feel emotionally unstable, angry, paranoid, unworthy of love, always in self-pity or unforgiving of yourself or others. If you feel that your heart chakra is in need of some attention, there are many things you can do to balance the energies. The first step toward healing is engaging in self love.  Once you fully love and protect yourself, you are able to project this loving energy onto others.

There are many services and events here at the studio to help you on your path of self love, not just in February, but each day of the year! I have however chosen February to focus on many of them.

The Rose Quartz Integrative Massage & Reiki services started out as a Valentine’s Day promotion here at the studio four years ago and wound up staying on the service menu year round due to the profound impact made, they have become, by far my most popular services. An Integrative Reiki session with rose quartz is also available for those who do not wish to have a massage.  Group rose quartz Reiki sessions with up to four people are also available.

February Events:

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February 4th- Introduction to Diffusion Class, there are still openings, contact me, you get a beautiful diffuser and essential oils!

February 10th- 2nd Friday open house, special deals for those that stop in, see event for details!

February 11th- full moon crystal meditation

February 12th- Flower Therapy Workshop- raising your vibration with the rose. A unique energy alignment is given with Rose energy and Reiki. A beautiful rose goes home with you.

February 12th- Healing Boutique open hours- last chance for gift certificates and Valentine gifts for that special sweetie or yourself!

February 14th- rose quartz crystal meditation ( there is only one space left!)

February 19th- Crystal Therapy I Class-Journey into Crystals

February 22 & 23- Reiki Level I class

February 26th-new moon crystal meditation

Romance angel card readings are a popular service during the month of February, click here to find out more about what the Romance angels may want you to know!

Gift certificates are always available in the studio or online. There are some pretty gift ideas in the healing boutique which include rose quartz crystal bracelets and rose quartz essential oil diffuser bracelets. The heart shaped crystal box is a great gift for your crystal loving sweetie!

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