New Herbal Infusion~Taming the Dragon


A calming evening herbal tea to soothe frazzled nerves and relax the mind & body. This blend includes my special mixture of skullcap, passion flower, lemon verbena, and other herbs to promote well being, and can also be very supportive for the ladies right before “that time” of the month.

Flower Therapy Sessions at the Integrative Healing Arts Studio~Featured Flower Yarrow

Flower therapy is a unique service here at the studio that integrates the energetic healing properties of a flower or plant with Reiki for a deeply healing experience on all levels.

Currently my yarrow is in bloom and is a featured flower for a limited time.  Yarrow, one of my favorite healing plants has a long list of medicinal uses.  One an energetic level the flower has been exceptionally useful for protection, healing, and banishing. The energy of the yarrow flower can dissipate unwanted energetic patterns, release negative emotions, and facilitate free flowing energy throughout the body.  Along with many uses to promote healing in the physical body, yarrow tea has been used traditionally to strengthen one’s psychic abilities.

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